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  • 7 Creative Ways to Support Someone With Cancer

    When someone is going through a difficult time, the first suggestion given to well-meaning friends is usually to deliver home cooked meals. But because of the way cancer affects appetite, taste, and nutrition, a ready-to-eat meal isn’t the most practical way to help a loved one with cancer. If you want to do something kind […]

  • Women are affected by prostate cancer

    A recent report suggests that the partners people with advanced prostate cancer have their own health damaged by the prostate cancer diagnosis “Many prostate cancer patients have a hard time, both physically and emotionally” said Hein Van Poppel, a European Association of Urology (EAU) spokesman and this stress can spill over and affect wives and partners,” […]

  • List of Useful Prostate Cancer Websites

    List of Useful Prostate Websites Study Confirms Long-Term Side Effects from Prostate Cancer Treatment Prostate Cancer Research Centre Prostate Cancer UK Prostate Cancer Foundation Prostate Cancer Research Institute Prostate Cancer Macmillan Forum