Women are affected by prostate cancer

A recent report suggests that the partners people with advanced prostate cancer have their own health damaged by the prostate cancer diagnosis

“Many prostate cancer patients have a hard time, both physically and emotionally”

said Hein Van Poppel, a European Association of Urology (EAU) spokesman and this stress can spill over and affect wives and partners,”

Up until now, there has been little examination of how patients’ partners are affected after a prostate cancer diagnosis.

In this Danish study researchers interviewed women with husbands who had advanced prostate cancer, with treatment that leads to fatigue, frailty and loss of sex drive.

Forty-six percent of the wives said their health had been affected by their partner’s cancer.

Additional in-depth interviews with eight of the women revealed that many felt fearful and cut off from others. They were concerned about how their lives would change as their husband’s disease progressed.


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